PPG System
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Wave 2
Sound Library
PPG 2002

PPG System

A precursor of the PPG System was the Wave 2. While not strictly part of the PPG System (while it had a communication bus, it isn't compatible to the PPG Bus used on the PPG System). it was the direct predecessor to the Wave 2.2.

The PPG System consists of various components.

The main part is a wavetable synthesizer (PPG Wave 2.2 or 2.3).

Here's how to upgrade the awful wave keyboard!
Here's how to save/restore sounds on your computer via MIDI!

PPG Wave 2.2 / 2.3
To generate your own wavetables for the Wave or to play any kind of samples there's the Waveterm. PPG Waveterm A
Since the Wave has only 8 voices, the EVU can add another 8 voices to the system.

Up to 2 Waves and 2 EVUs can be attached to a Waveterm, leading to a system with up to 32 voices.

Here's how to save/restore sounds on your computer via MIDI!

The wave doesn't have a dynamic keyboard. To make up for that, there's the Processor Keyboard PRK.
The PRK can - in its maximum configuration - load a set of natural sounds (strings, piano, etc.) into a Wave 2.3 or EVU, but it has no MIDI. Its successor, the PRK-FD, allows to use the complete PPG System Library of sounds with the Wave and EVU, and it can be used as a MIDI master keyboard.
The HDU was far ahead of its time. Its features included things like hard disk recording to an 80MB hard disk, DSP based algorithms.
The Expander could add tape backup and a second hard disk to the HDU.

I've created a forum if you want to discuss these or other synthesizers.

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Last update: 06/08/04