Emulator III
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Sampler with 16 voices, 4 or 8MB RAM (mine has 8), internal harddisk; for more details, please consult the Emulator Archive.

In my opinion, it is still one of the best-sounding samplers on this planet, due to the warmth of its analog filters.

RM45 Removable Drive

My Emulator came with an RM45 drive; originally, this is a drive for Syquest removable harddisks with an unformatted capacity of 45MB (that's where the name came from). Fortunately, you can put more contemporary devices into the 19" case, too; I plan to update mine with an Iomega JAZ drive with a capacity of 1GB.

This would be more than enough, since the Emulator can't address more than 800MB per medium. Unfortunately, the automatic terminator of the internal JAZ drive doesn't work correctly in the RM45 case...
Update 3-26-2002: the internal 50-pin connector in the RM-45 doesn't carry the TERMINATOR POWER line; looks like this confuses the JAZ drive. While it can format and write to JAZ drives, it can't read from them... this project is waiting for better days now.

For some time, I've put in a Syquest 200MB drive - this works without any problems. It's got the wrong color, but hey...

The current final solution (-: a 3.5" Syquest 270MB drive. This has enough space for my needs and works like a charm. Plus, the media are still easily found and relatively new.

Unfortunately, I could not find a black one, but its small dimensions make it optically tolerable.

Auch in Deutsch erhältlich!

Last update: 09/19/02