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A very good site with a lot of information about the PPG systems. The "Contacts" page is very interesting in itself, as it contains a lot of links to other PPG-related web sites and PPG-Users.


A lot of technical Information about the PPG Wave instruments.

Paul Maddox has set up a PPG mailing list for support and exchange of information about PPG synthesizers. It is intended to bring together users of these great synthesizers throughout the world. For more information about the list click here.

Cave Studio

Sunao Inami's Cave Studio - "The Unofficial PPG Users Group Page". Allows you to use a message board to communicate with other PPG users.


In the "PPG Room" of Synthmuseum there's a lot to read about the PPG range... although most of it is only copied from Antarctica.


This site features Waveterm C, the project of Dave Forward, Paul Maddox and Hermann Seib. As Dave put it there, "The Waveterm C is a software/hardware combination that links a PC to PPG components such as the Wave 2.3 in order to create and manipulate complex sounds. This system carries on where the original Waveterm and Waveterm B finished."

The PPG Story

This site, now hosted by me, tells the story of PPG, narrated by Wolfgang Palm himself.

Auch in Deutsch erhältlich!

Last update: 04/27/22