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Korg PS-3100

The KORG PS-3100 is a fully polyphonic synthesizer; this means that it has a complete signal path for each one of its 48 keys. Each of the signal paths roughly corresponds to a complete KORG MS-10, and of course there are diverse functionalities on top of that which affect the output as a whole. The signal paths are pre-patched internally, but can be overruled by patch cables as needed. For some details, the wheel on the left for example, this is necessary since it isn't attached to any of the internal signal paths.

Full polyphony has immense advantages, of course... you'll never grit your teeth because the synth terminates a soft diminishing sound apruptly to start another one. On the other hand, it has its drawbacks... heavy ones. This thing weighs around 60 lbs and is extremely unwieldy.

Auch in Deutsch erhältlich!

Last update: 11/03/01