PPG 2002
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On Feb 16th, 2002, the second PPG Convention was held in Birmingham, a gathering of PPG synthusiasts and and soon-to-be ones :-)

This time I was there, too, to present Waveterm C. Unfortunately, it was not yet possible to present some real sounds coming out of a Wave generated by Waveterm C, but it should only be a matter of some more weeks until a version is available that can handle the full range of PPG bus commands.

Quite a lot of equipment was on display and could be played, too:

3 Monowaves (presumably the last time that so many of them were in one place :-) plus a MIDI keyboard, Waveterm A with Keyboard Interface and PS/2 keyboard, PRK and Wave 2.2...
Prophet VS (you got to look at the picture on the laptop besides the Prophet - Paul testing the first Monowave :-) ...
A nearly complete PPG range - Waveterm A (and C :-), Wave 2.2 + PRK, Wave 2.3 + PRK-FD, EVU and HDU!
Waldorf µQ Keyboard, Microwave plus Access Programmer, Microwave 2...
Waldorf Wave (Shadow Design)...
and Blacet / Wiard Miniwave modular system.

This time the attendance was a lot bigger than last year - I hope that this trend continues!

After a good hour of dinging and doodeling, the presentations began.

The first one was held by "Swiss Doctor" Georg Müller and the Microwave Speech Engine (literally :-) - a very impressing presentation of unexpected tonal (vocal?) possibilities of the Microwave.. A good example can be found on Synth.Net.
A direct consequence of this demonstration, by the way, was that I acquired a Microwave recently :-)
Then, Till Kopper demonstrated the tonal possibilities of the Waldorf µQ...
... then it was my turn with the Waveterm C. Many thanks to Paul who helped me getting this done. Somehow it's a bit hard to take a photo of oneself while presenting  :-)
Then, Ray Cuellar presented the possibilities of his Prophet VS - as soon as he finally finds the time, there will be informations about that great synthesizer on www.vector.synth.net ... Unfortunately, I could not get a good picture of that; but I'm sure that sooner or later some will appear on Synth.Net - after all, Paul taped the whole event...

After that, Paul Maddox presented the first real Monowave.

Oh, by the way... cool sweatshirt! :-)

Concluding words by John Moore...

... ended the official part of the gathering. Unofficially, it continued for quite some more time and Guinness, Cola, Curry etc. :-)

A really successful event!

Auch in Deutsch erhältlich!

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