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The Waveterm is the heart of the PPG System. It can be used to control up to 3 attached components.

It can be used to:

bulletgenerate user-defined wavetables for the Wave and EVU
bulletsample sounds that can be looped and played back using the attached sound generation units
bulletgenerate sequences of an astonishing complexity (listen to the 2nd side of the demonstration cassette!)
bulletstore program data from the attached devices.

Waveterms came in two variants: A and B.

Waveterm A

The Waveterm A is based on a 6809 processor board called Eurocom II V7, made by the German company ELTEC. Together with a keyboard and the correct software, it can be used as a normal computer system running the FLEX 9 operating system.

The fabulous specifications (about 1MHz, 64K memory, 8-bit A/D-converter) didn't exactly predestine the device as a high-class sampler; back when it first appeared, this was adequate, but the sampler revolution made it necessary to create an improved version - the Waveterm B.

Waveterm B

The Waveterm B is completely PPG-designed. It is based on a 68000 processor, but additionally has a 6809 processor on board to provide backwards compatibility. The Waveterm B has much more memory and a 16-bit A/D-converter, so it can record far more, faster, and in better quality than the A variant. To supply a range of up-to-date sounds to Waves of type 2.3 and EVUs, it was sold together with the PPG Sound Library.

It was possible to upgrade an existing Waveterm A. In this case, the Eurocom motherboard was kept and the 8-bit A/D converter card was replaced by a new card containing the 68000 processor logic and the 16-bit A/D converter.

Waveterm C

OK, that's not a real PPG product :-)

This is a steadily growing hard- and software combination that aims to port the Waveterm philosophy into today's computer environments. The software portion runs on common computers (currently Windows, Mac OS is planned) and provides far more possibilities than the original.

For more details, please have a look at PPG.Synth.Net or at the Waveterm domain that we've created especially for it.

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Last update: 01/18/10