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PPG Wave 2.2/2.3 V8 Upgrade
PPG EVU V4 Upgrade

Normally, you need a Waveterm to save and restore your Wave 2.x/EVU's precious programs. Now there aren't that many Waveterms on this globe... but quite a lot of Wave synthesizers!

With this upgrade kit, you can finally save and restore programs on your computer! It allows the Wave 2.x/EVU to send and receive a set of MIDI SysEx messages that enable storage and retrieval of the Wave's program data in  a MIDI Librarian (SoundDiver, for example).

Prerequisites: your Wave 2.x must be equipped with factory MIDI and Operating System V4.5, V5, or V6. An EVU must be equipped with factory MIDI and Operating System V3. Here you can find a way to add a MIDI interface to Waves/EVUs that haven't got one.

The kit consists of a clear, easily understandable manual and 4 or 5 EPROMs that replace the original EPROMs on the I/O board of your Wave 2.x/EVU.

Four or five, you ask? But there are six EPROMs in my Wave/EVU?
Yes, four or five - two of the EPROMs in the Wave 2.x store the Wavetables; these don't need to be changed. Hmmm... but that leaves four... well, in a PPG System, it is possible to attach up to 2 Waves and 2 EVUs to the Waveterm. To allow that, each Wave and EVU has a component id, either 0 or 1 for the Wave and either 2 or 3 for the EVU, burned into one of the EPROMs, so one of the EPROMs optionally comes in two clearly labeled versions to allow for convenient use in a complex PPG System setup.

Disclaimer: Please note that this involves manual changes to your Wave; while we've tried to make the manual as clear as possible (and of course tried the kit in various Waves), it should be done by a skilled person. I cannot be held responsible for damages due to incorrect usage.

This kit is available at Virtual Music - have a look!

Program Exchange with Wave 2.V

One of the big benefits of the V8 Upgrade for owners of the Wave 2.V VST PlugIn Instrument and a "real" Wave or EVU is that it allows you to exchange sound data between the two worlds. I've created a small program (Win32 console program) that can convert between V8 SysEx files and 2.V Sound Banks, amongst others. With some slight losses, of course - neither the Wave nor the 2.V can store all of the parameters of their counterpart.

Download the current version (1.08, 39KB)

Since command line programs aren't for everyone, and to allow the exchange of single programs, I have begun to write a GUI program called WaveLib that provides real librarian capabilities. To do so, it introduces a new file format (.wvl), which is also included in the above program since V1.04. This file format allows the lossless store of PPG and 2.V format program banks; of course, the program can import and export the banks into program-specific formats. Additionally, new sound banks can be created and filled from the original sound banks with Copy+Paste.

Download the current version (1.04, 30KB)

Auch in Deutsch erhältlich!

Last update: 05/15/12