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Saved from oblivion...


an old PPG Wave 2.3 demonstration cassette! Restored and a bit polished, here's the sound as its creators thought it should be!

Side 1 (.mp3; 10 minutes, 10MB)

Side 2 (.mp3; 8,5 minutes, 9MB)

Demos from "Electronic Soundmaker & Computer Music"

These have been contributed by Chris Strellis. Let's hear it from Chris directly:

"Here are three tracks that were on tapes from an old UK music magazine called "Electronic Soundmaker and Computer Music". The magazine ran from 1982 to 1985 and from October 1984 to its demise in September 1985 is came with a 60 minute cassette.
First Advert (.mp3; 2 minutes, 2MB) 
Second Advert (.mp3; 1 minute, 1MB) 

The first two tracks are from December 1984 and are adverts for the PPG system. I haven't heard them anywhere else other than from this magazine. Has anyone else? Do other people know this magazine?

PPG Updates (.mp3; 2 minutes, 2MB)

The third track is the PPG Waveterm B update in September 1985 just as the company was getting in to trouble much like the magazine!! Yes, its the Frankie Goes To Hollywood Two tribes sound a like but a bit different though due to the presenter commentary."


Auch in Deutsch erhältlich!

Last update: 03/24/04