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Since I've already adapted and enhanced some programs from the Open Source world to my needs, I'd like to pass on the things that seem important to me...

new.gif (860 Byte) Since questions do occur from time to time, I've created a discussion forum for them.

6809 Programs

Since I have had very intensive encounters with this processor during my PPG studies, I came across the fact that there is very few information about it on the Internet. The 6809 processor is quite old, but is still used by some determined groups (see the Flex User Group, for example). What isn't there, however, is a good freeware 6809 assembler and disassembler, so I created these from the fundamental parts that float around.

A09 6800/6801/6809/6301/6309 Assembler

Based on Lennart Benschop's C core that can be found somewhere on the 'net (here; at the time of this writing it was still valid), I built a complete Macro Assembler that is functionally better than the TSC Flex9 Assembler (no wonder, I got multimegabytes to play with, whereas this excellent piece of software works within 50K or so!). It can deliver binary, Intel Hex, Motorola S1, and Flex9 binary and RELASMB-compatible output files.

Download of the current version 1.39 (C Source plus VC6 project files and Win32 executable); in theory, it should work in any kind of Unix, too, but I haven't tried that lately.
The project is also available on GitHub now.

new.gif (860 Byte) Various corrections and additions

F9DASM 6800/6801/6809/6309 Disassembler

There's a 6809/6309 line disassembler somewhere on the 'net (here; at the time of this writing it was still valid), done by Arto Salmi. I've enhanced it up to a point where it's really useful. It can read and disassemble files in binary, Intel Hex, Motorola S1, and Flex9 binary format. To get a really usable output, you can pass an additional information file that defines code, data parts, labels, data format (character, binary, decimal, hex, label), comments, line comments, and much more.

 Download of the current version 1.78 (C Source plus VC6/VS2008 project files and Win32 executables); in theory, it should work in any kind of Unix, too, but I haven't tried that lately. Includes two little helper programs that convert from Intel Hex and Motorola S1 format to straight binary files.
The project is also available on GitHub now.

The development history, as far as I could trace it back, was added to f9dasm.c; since V1.68, it can be followed in the GitHub repository.

VNC Viewer 4

RealVNC is now (2004-07-19) available in Version 4; this includes a new VNC Viewer program, which unfortunately doesn't contain an "experimental" specialty of the old V3.3.x: the possibility to rescale the viewer window. Since the source code for RealVNC is available under the Gnu GPL, I've ported the V3 logic into V4 in a "quick hack" action. "Quick hack" means 3 hours, so please don't expect it to be perfect.

The rescaling feature can be invoked from the command line like in V3 by giving a "-scale a/b" parameter, or it can be set on the "Misc" tab of the options dialog. All changes have been marked in the source code by a preceding

// HS 2004-07-19 ...

Download of the changed V4 (VNC Viewer plus all changed sources; to generate the viewer, you need the complete package that can be downloaded at RealVNC).


Steinberg's VST SDK V3 only contains solutions for Visual Studio 2003-2008 in Windows. In the first two incarnations, Visual Studio 6 project files were partially available, since V3.0.2 they are missing completely. I ported the sample projects to Visual Studio 6, since in my opinion there's no reason to stop supporting it. VS6 Support for VST SDK V3 VS6 Support for VST SDK V3.0.1 VS6 Support for VST SDK V3.0.2

The .zip files contain some new files plus a document with the extension .mod that details changes that have to be done to existing files.

Additions and fixes for newer versions: Visual Studio 2005/2008 support for VST SDK V3.6.0 (only partially available in the original)
plus a little fix for the version number (original claims to be VST SDK 3.5.2) Visual Studio 2008-Unterstützung for VST SDK V3.6.5 (only partially available in the original)


Auch in Deutsch erhältlich!

Last update: 06/06/19