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Here's a list of my favorite links. I hope that none is broken; should you detect one, please inform me.

First, of course, links to my own projects... ;-)

Chello Homepage Hermann Seibs Dahoampage (German only)
Evilsyde The Evil Syde of Hermann Seib
DIO The Austrian Dio Pages

As can be easily deduced from the above, I'm a fan of the harder musical genre. Here are some links to really good (in my opinion) Austrian bands:

Edenbridge New band, style (according to their own definition) "Angelic Rock". Frontwoman with a great voice. See sound samples on their web site!
(also at Rocktiger)
Austria's main shocker crew since decades; not only chicken parts fly across the air at their concerts :-)
Schubert great band from Tyrol, unfortunately not active any more

And now for the other things in life...

Web Browsers
BrowserWatch - Plug-In Plaza!
The Nine Planets
MC202 Fan English

Music Vendors

Daddy's Junky Music Used Gear Index
The Direct Shop
MIDI Technical Fanatic's Brainwashing Center
Classical MIDI Archives
MMA Home Page
Musicians Net
Jamie O'Connell's Page
WWW Virtual Library: Music
Harmony Central
Music Machines
Analogue Heaven
Synth Zone
The Synthesizer Links Page
MTV Online
Source Sites
Walnut Creek CDROM Web Site
The WinSite(tm) Archive
The Ultimate Collection of Winsock Software
Welcome To Austria
IBM Services / Fixes
The Dilbert Zone
PowerQuest's Homepage
V Communications Home Page
Auch in Deutsch erhältlich!

Last update: 12/07/16