Waveterm C






Wave Simulation




Waveterm C team

Hermann Seib
Programming the user interface and PPG routines
Paul Maddox
Hardware and low-level programming
Dave Forward
Protocol information basics


image of PPG Wave2.3 with 15inch LCD monitor running Waveterm C software


Waveterm C progress reports as they happen.

11/10/2004 - Updated Waveterm C demo; various internal enhancements, slight UI overhauls, updated WaveSim demo version
25/03/2004 - Updated Waveterm C demo; various internal enhancements, slight UI overhauls, added WaveSim demo version
10/08/2003 - Updated Waveterm C demo; added Velocity Parameters dialog, slight UI overhauls, various internal enhancements
26/06/2003 - Updated Waveterm C demo; slight UI overhauls, various internal enhancements
04/06/2003 - Updated Waveterm C demo; UI overhauls (floating keyboard, rotary knob display changed), various internal enhancements
10/03/2003 - Updated Waveterm C demo; UI overhauls (dialogs can use Luna under XP now, rotary knob display changed, "Blue" dialogs menu entry added)
25/02/2003 - Updated Waveterm C demo, can display files in Waveterm A / B modes
23/02/2003 - Updated Waveterm C demo, can record now on PAGE 3 in Waveterm A / B modes
22/02/2003 - Screen shots on the gallery page updated
10/02/2003 - Picture of Waveterm C in a 19inch Rack put into the gallery page
28/01/2003 - Updated Waveterm C demo, to include Numeric keypad fix and ability to turn off menu/caption
23/01/2003 - Waveterm C demo added in the download section.
15/01/2003 - Two new features added, a deres option (inspired by the Monowave) and crossfade looping, see downloads section
27/08/2002 - now converts MIDI into PPG BUS commands,with an astonishing timing accuracy. see downloads section.
27/07/2002 - can now play the whole PPG System Library on the Wave 2.2 as well as the 2.3
27/06/2002 - More Waveterm C samples! This time some familiar windows .WAV files, converted by Waveterm C and played on my 2.2 , Chimes, followed by that rather annoying Chord sound.
17/04/2002 - FINALLY! WavetermC now sends samples!!! first sample to come from the waveterm C is here, followed by a choir sound and finally T040 all these were from my 2.2!
04/03/2002 - Keyboard Magazine in Japan has given the waveterm C project a mention, click here for a picture of the page.
    It says "Some deep and maniac wavetable fans are still alive, they are makeing new wavetable synths....Waveterm C is an Emulation of PPG Waveterm for PC and soon for MAC."
25/11/2001 - USB Interface now working, and boy its quick!
23/11/2001 - Now able to SEND patch data.
06/11/2001 - Now able to receive patch data, though sending any data to the wave causes trashing of patch memory (oops).
30/10/2001 - basic comms between WTC hardware and software now working via serial connection.
19/10/2001 - a couple of bugs have crept into the hardware design, the prototypes have been modified, corrections to future PCBs have been made.
10/10/2001 - Prototype number 1 has been populated, parts have been ordered for the second prototype.
08/10/2001 - I have began assembling the two prototypes and codeing of the firmware is well underway.
07/09/2001 - Prototype PCBs have been ordered (due to me on 20th), parts have also been ordered.
01/08/2001 - Layout of PCB has begun
03/07/2001 - We've added USB to the projects spec, along with an optional second PPG bus interface.
18/06/2001 - We now have a domain for the project , go here ;- http://www.waveterm.com/
15/06/2001 - We have had a slight setback in that part of the hardware will need to be redesigned, it shouldn't take more than a few days to redesign and rebuild.