Waveterm C






Wave Simulation




Waveterm C team

Hermann Seib
Programming the user interface and PPG routines
Paul Maddox
Hardware and low-level programming
Dave Forward
Protocol information basics


image of PPG Wave 2.3 with 15inch LCD monitor running Waveterm C software

Demo software, updates and sound bytes for the Waveterm C project.


Waveterm C Demo (V 2.03)(757Kb) Windows version.
Here is the file in simple .zip format, if Windows refuses to use the self-extracting executable.

This emulates a system with a Wave 2.3 V6.
Please note that this is not the final version, but a demo version so people can play with the interfaces.
The C mode is not yet implemented, but a lot of the A and B modes are.

DOS WTC demo
The original DOS based Waveterm C demo
Waveterm A library (soon)
Waveterm B library (soon)
All Transient (sample) files from the Waveterm library (soon)

Demo sounds

These are the demo sounds we have created showing the WavetermC in operation, all are in MP3 format.

First sample to come from the WTC/PPG Wave Setup (Wave 2.2).
Chimes Showing conversion from .WAV format into PPG wave format (Wave 2.2).
choir sound T400, played around with a little (Wave 2.2).
T040 That infamous bass sample (Wave 2.2).
WTC goes baroque Part I (866Kb) demonstration of WTC converting a MIDI into PPG BUS commands and playing a wave. This was done by feeding the MIDI file into a MIDI pipe and then getting WTC to receive this MIDI data (as it would if it was straight from a midi keyboard) and sending it straight to the PPG bus (Wave 2.2).
WTC goes baroque Part II (762Kb) Another demo. This and the other Scarlatti pieces (Parts I to IV) are from John Sankey MIDI files (Wave 2.2).
WTC goes baroque Part III (1Mb) and another (Wave 2.2).
WTC goes baroque Part IV (741Kb) Ok, perhaps we got carried away, but it sounds good (Wave 2.2)..
WTC goes baroque Part V (5.3Mb) Toccatta and Fuge in D minor, played with a very nice church organ sample, T382 (Wave 2.2).
WTC goes baroque Part V(short) (199Kb).
WTC goes baroque Part VI (5.3Mb) Toccatta and Fuge in D minor, played with a different church organ sample, T392 (Wave 2.2).
WTC goes baroque Part VI(short) (489Kb).
DeRes demo (684Kb) Showing the effect of the resoloution change, you here a saw to sine table, two chords, first normal 8bit mode and then with the resoloution lowered to give an extra bit of 'fizz'.