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Multisession MIDI Overlay Driver

new.gif (860 Byte) Since questions do occur from time to time, I've created a discussion forum for them.

MultiMID has been created to circumvent a glaring limitation of most currently available MIDI device drivers - they accept only one client program, session or connection. While this is nice as long as there is no more than one program active that uses the MIDI device, it becomes a real nuisance when there are more programs running concurrently that want to share the same device. Using Windows' standard MIDI driver, MIDI Mapper, it is not possible to open multiple MIDI sequencers without getting a Windows error message. Creative Lab's SoundBlaster MIDI drivers also only allow one client program to use its MIDI port at a time. The only way to open more than one MIDI program in Windows is to install a "multi-client" driver for your MIDI device. MultiMID is your solution!

You can download MultiMID V3.02 here.

Note: MultiMID V3.02 is fully Windows 95/98-compatible now! Unfortunately, it's still based on the old Windows 3.1 driver model; i.e., it only works with sound card drivers that use the 16-bit model.

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Last update: 06/04/04