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Joystick Add-On for MultiMID

MIDIJoyis an add-on for MultiMID. It allows to use the joystick to add MIDI controller information to a MIDI input device that is capable of adding virtual MIDI messages. At the moment, MIDIJoy knows how to treat the following devices:

every MIDI Input device starting with Multi- is assumed to be a device provided by MultiMID
GM Keyboard MIDI IN
the dummy MIDI driver provided by GMKbd, a MIDI keyboard simulator written by me
TTS Virtual Piano In
the dummy MIDI driver provided by Twelve Tone Systems' Virtual Piano program
Piano MIDI In Port
the dummy MIDI driver provided by MS-Windows Piano V2.1, a shareware program created by Gregor Brecko

You can download MIDIJoy V1.00.3 here.

Auch in Deutsch erhältlich!

Last update: 09/15/02