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Nachdem es offenbar nicht sehr leicht ist, das im Handbuch aufzufinden, und nachdem sich meine Adresse öfter mal ändert, hier eine kleine Kaufanleitung...

Order Form

If you want to order the registered version of MultiMID, please fill out the following form and send it to:

Hermann Seib
Davidg. 39/12
A-1100 Vienna
Austria / EUROPE

City:                                            State:                                           Zip:                       
¨ check if you want MultiMID sent to your e-mail address
MultiMID V3.02: Number of copies:                 ($29.95 each) $                
Upgrade to V3.02: Number of copies:                 ($9.95 each) $                
Serial # for upgrade:                                          
Shipping and Handling $5 $              5 
Total enclosed: $                
Disk format: ¨ 5.25"    ¨ 3.5"

Note: if you send an Eurocheck, you can substitute ATS 250.-- for the $29.95 above, and ATS 50.-- for S+H. So, when registering one copy of MultiMID, send me an Eurocheck and put "ATS 300.--" on it - Austrian banks don't charge the enormous $8-$12 overhead for Eurochecks. "ATS" is the international shortcut for "AusTrian Schilling"; this offer is valid for owners of an account at a european bank only.

Also available in English!

Stand: 06.11.00