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Since V1,44, VSTHost's UI look can be customized. I don't know why, but the expression "Skin" has gained wide acceptance for this, so I'm using it for VSTHost, too.

A skin is, in principle, just a directory filled with graphics and a control file called "skin.ini" that defines how to use them. VSTHost includes a skin called "DefaultSkin" in the Data subdirectory; the control file is heavily commented so that it should be easy for you to create your own. If you create a nice skin and want to share it, please contact me, and I'll put it online here.

Vera Kinter (artvera) has created a whole set of skins for VSTHost:

Skin 1
Skin 2
Skin 3
Skin 4
Skin 5
Skin 6
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Last update: 12/05/07