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ZD 700-720
ZD 721-740
ZD 741-760
ZD 761-780
ZD 781-800
ZD 801-820
ZD 821-840
ZD 841-858

Here you can find the floppy disk images sorted by their disk number. Diego's original tables can be found by clicking on the images on the left.

Bank Name Disk Category EOS CDs Ref. Presets
Grand Piano ZD700 Keyboards I.00 25
Arco Strings ZD701 Strings I.01 24
Rock Kit ZD702 Drums I.02 26
Rock Organ ZD703 Keyboards I.03 14
Big Brass ZD704 Orchestral I.04 15
French Horn ZD705 Orchestral I.05 11
Mixed Chorus ZD707 Voices I.06 17
Kyodal Synth Collage ZD708 Synthesizer I.07 18
Rock Guitar ZD709 Guitar I.08 15
Marimba/Vibes ZD710 Orchestral I.09 19
Pop Brass ZD711 Orchestral I.10  
Electric Grand ZD712 Keyboards I.11  
Multi-Synth Combo ZD713 Synthesizer I.12  
Woodwind Ensemble ZD714 Orchestral I.13  
Steel Strung Guitar ZD715 Guitar I.14  
Tine Strings ZD716 Strings I.15  
Pipe Organ ZD717 Keyboards I.16  
Harp/Karplus Strings ZD718 Orchestral I.17  
Harpsichord ZD719 Keyboards I.18  
Tremolonde Strings ZD720 Strings I.19  
Spiccato Strings ZD721 Strings I.20  
African Instruments ZD722 Ethnic I.21  
Pizzicato Strings ZD723 Strings I.22  
Solo Arco Cello/Violin ZD724 Orchestral I.23  
Rock Percussion ZD725 Drums I.24  
Male Voices & Synth Orchestra ZD726 Voices I.25  
Sitar ZD727 Ethnic I.26  
Sarod ZD728 Ethnic I.27  
Sarangi/Tabla ZD729 Ethnic I.28  
Tambura ZD730 Ethnic I.29  
Digital/Acoustic Piano ZD731 Keyboards I.30  
Orchestral Hits ZD732 Synthesizer I.31  
Loon Garden ZD733 Ethnic I.32  
Nylon String Guitar ZD734 Guitar I.33  
Grand Piano 2 ZD735 Keyboards I.34  
Electric Bass ZD736 Guitar I.35  
Toys We 'R' ZD737 FX I.36  
Jason Part 13 ZD738 FX I.37  
Das Synth ZD739 Synthesizer I.38  
Conga ZD740 Orchestral I.39  
Tenor Sax ZD741 Orchestral I.40  
Marcato Strings ZD742 Strings I.41  
Autoharp Strums ZD743 Orchestral I.42  
Percussion/Kalimba ZD744 Orchestral I.43  
Synth Pipe Organ &  Brass ZD745 Keyboards I.44  
Stick Bells/Bottle Marimbas ZD746 Orchestral I.45  
Stacked Percussion ZD747 Drums I.46  
Multi-track Synth ZD748 Synthesizer I.47  
Composition Combo ZD749 Synthesizer I.48  
Circa 69 (assorted Keyboards) ZD750 Keyboards I.49  
Grand Piano II ZD752 Keyboards -  
High Strings ZD753 Strings I.50  
Harpsichord & Breathy Flute ZD754 Keyboards I.51  
Chime Vibes & Mallet Bells ZD755 Orchestral I.52  
Olympic Bass & Drums ZD756 Drums I.53  
Breathy Bottles & HarpHarmonics ZD757 FX I.54  
Flute & Bell ZD758 Orchestral I.55  
Linear Synthesis #1 ZD759 Synthesizer I.56  
Linear Synthesis #2 ZD760 Synthesizer I.57  
Linear Synthesis #3 ZD761 Synthesizer I.58  
Linear Synthesis #4 ZD762 Synthesizer I.59  
Linear Synthesis #5 ZD763 Synthesizer I.60  
Double Reeds ZD764 Orchestral I.61  
Tack Piano & Accordian ZD765 Keyboards I.62  
Piano & Strings ZD766 Keyboards I.63  
Gong/Timpani/Voices ZD767 Voices I.64  
Pitz Piano ZD768 Keyboards I.65  
Les Paul Guitar ZD769 Guitar I.66  
Etheral Stuff ZD770 Synthesizer I.67  
Dulcimer/Koto/Chimes ZD771 Ethnic I.68  
Jew's Harp ZD772 Ethnic I.69  
Electric Piano ZD773 Keyboards I.70  
Sparco Violins ZD774 Orchestral I.71  
Analog Giants #1 ZD775 Synthesizer I.72  
Analog Combo ZD776 Synthesizer I.73  
The Bliss Disk ZD777 Keyboards I.74  
FM Synth #1 ZD778 Synthesizer I.75  
Spectrum Synth Emax SE ZD779 Synthesizer -  
Transform Multi Emax SE ZD780 Synthesizer -  
Dev/Update Emax SE ZD781 Synthesizer -  
Unknown ZD782 Unknown - ?
Unknown ZD783 Unknown - ?
Unknown ZD784 Unknown - ?
12 String Acoustic Guitar ZD785 Guitar I.78  
DSP #1 ZD786 Synthesizer I.79  
The Clarinet ZD787 Orchestral I.80  
Courtyard Ensemble ZD788 Orchestral I.81  
Mandolin/Melodica/Whsitle ZD789 Ethnic I.82  
MIDI Strings ZD790 Strings I.83  
Synth Carillon ZD791 Synthesizer I.84  
Synth Guitar ZD792 Guitar I.85  
Double Grand Piano ZD793 Keyboard I.86  
Pedal Steel Guitar ZD794 Guitar I.87  
Harpischord, Recorder and Bamboo Flute ZD795 Keyboard I.88  
Synth Bass & Choir ZD796 Voices I.89  
Analog Strings & Big Piano ZD797 Strings I.90  
Tick Talk Drums ZD798 Drums I.91  
Latin Percussion ZD799 Drums -  
Berimbau ZD800 Ethnic I.76  
Dev SE ZD801 Keyboard -  
Autoharp/Synthichord ZD803 Keyboard I.77  
Atmospheres ZD804 Synthesizer I.92  
Synbellstrum/Sanctuary ZD805 Keyboard -  
Sax Combo ZD806 Orchestral -  
Woodwinds and Brass ZD806 Orchestral I.93  
Female Voice and Bell ZD807 Voices I.94  
Harp Gliss #1 ZD808 FX I.95  
Harp Gliss #2 ZD809 FX I.96  
Harp Gliss #3 ZD810 FX I.97  
Indian Percussion ZD811 Ethnic I.98  
Steel Drum and Malletoid ZD812 Drums I.99  
Chinese Koto ZD813 Ethnic II.00  
Emax Cymbals ZD814 Drums II.01  
Electronic Percussion ZD815 Drums II.02  
FX-X4/Thor III ZD816 FX II.03  
Perc Fifths/MIDItrio ZD817 Keyboard II.04  
Warm Piano ZD818 Keyboard II.05  
Digital Synth ZD819 Synthesizer II.06  
Percussion/Ocarina ZD820 Drums II.07  
Acoustic Guitar & Flute ZD821 Guitar II.08  
Solo Brass ZD822 Orchestral II.09  
Pop Brass ZD823 Orchestral II.10  
Section Brass Fills ZD824 Orchestral II.11  
Section Brass FX ZD825 Orchestral II.12  
Mellow Trombone ZD826 Orchestral II.13  
Vibrato Trombone ZD827 Orchestral II.14  
Combined Strings ZD828 Strings II.15  
Trombone Log Falls ZD829 Orchestral II.16  
Solo Trumpet ZD830 Orchestral II.17  
Trumpet Long Falls ZD831 Strings II.18  
Trumpet Shakes ZD832 Strings II.19  
Combined Strings ZD833 Strings II.20  
High Stereo Strings ZD834 Strings II.21  
Low Stereo Strings ZD835 Strings II.22  
Arco Strings ZD836 Orchestral II.23  
Mon Arco Strings ZD837 Orchestral II.24  
Solo Cello ZD838 Orchestral II.25  
Celli Major Trills ZD839 Orchestral II.26  
Violin Major Trills ZD840 Orchestral II.27  
Violin Minor Trills ZD841 Orchestral II.28  
Tremolondi Violins ZD842 Orchestral II.29  
Symphonic & Synth Scores ZD843 Orchestral II.30  
Digiblend ZD844 Synthesizer II.31  
Mystery Synth ZD845 Synthesizer II.32  
Synth Pad ZD846 Synthesizer II.33  
Synth Orch ZD847 Synthesizer II.34  
Multi Synth ZD848 Synthesizer II.35  
Stereo Drums ZD849 Drums II.36  
Steel Drums & Hand Bells ZD850 Drums II.37  
Solo Woodwinds ZD851 Orchestral II.38  
Electric Basses ZD852 Guitar II.39  
12 String Guitar ZD853 Guitar II.40  
9' Grand Piano (midi) ZD854 Keyboard II.41  
SE Extravaganza ZD855 FX II.42  
ZD858 (unknown title) ZD858 ? -

Last update: 10/20/04