This is a copy of the original VSTLua pages, which where located at http://t-zec.org/vstlua/ which seems to be gone. I've received the source code to V0.06 from here and created a slightly updated version from that, which uses the latest Lua and VST SDK versions, and cures some smaller bugs. Have fun!

I don't know whether the email address below that came with the VstLua package is still valid; if not, please use my one (office@hermannseibWASP.com minus the insect ;-) instead. I don't really want to appoint myself as the maintainer of this seemingly abandoned project, but don't want it do die either...

Hermann Seib, August 2010

On with the original text:


Email: johnhw@gmailWASP.com minus the insect

The main GUI


THIS IS A BETA! Do NOT download unless you're willing to live with bugs!


If you'd like the source code, well, that's here.


FAQ (read me!)


Ver 0.06

SysEx support (not very useful atm, as virtually no hosts support VST sysex, except for VSTHost).
Infinite loop trapping added.
Persistent storage of data between sessions (read and write from the table called "persistence").
Fast interprocess messaging via shared memory, so multiple instances of VstLua can talk with minimum latency.
setHostTime added (for Bidule users).
much simplified GUI access. 
Easier to do midi mapping with the new addMidiFilter() function.
Console window, so commands can be run and executed immediately
Scripts are associated with presets. (thanks for the idea austinfx!)
Changes by H.Seib:
VST SDK 2.4.2 / Lua 5.1.4 usage
Updated VS2005 build environment
suspend/resume turn off/on background operations

Ver 0.05

GUI resizing.
Bug fixes.
Better docs.
Key handling.
Drag-n-drop support.
Vu meters.
GUI bitmaps can be overriden by user.
More complex microtuning example script.

Ver 0.04

Many more scripts
Some bugs fixed, especially when loading multiple instances
custom GUI changed (again)

Ver 0.03

Better script organization.
Less crashing (again).
Full OSC support.

Ver 0.02

shinier gui
gui component sizes are passed to controls
xypad added
text control added
file selector added
now threadsafe!
menus can be hierarchical

simple scheduler added (see init.lua)
less crashing
fixed midi out not showing in eXT
added getCycle and getBarStart functions
added saveProgramCb and loadProgramCb functions when just before/just after programs changed

compiled in luasockets so network access is possible (maybe we will see OSC sometime soon :) )
code cleaned up, windows specific stuff moved to separate file as far as possible, other stuff ifdef'd appropriately
photoshop file for the gui is now in the source distribution